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  Design Studio -- Overview
Retiring to Florida
The Big Picture
Selecting Legacy
Visiting Legacy
Design Studio
Red Carpet Center
The Pool
Lessons Learned
Our Finished Retirement Home
The Move: If I Only Had a Brain
The Yellow Brick Road
Fireworks, Booze and Porn, oh my!
The Emerald City
No Place Like Home
Leesburg Hospital

Many Choices Here

Here’s the overview of our second trip down to Legacy, at the end of October ’04, trying to finish up the process by visiting the Design Studio and getting our pool designed.

In this trip we needed to pick out all the options that were allowed to us using the Red Carpet express path (this "express" path meant our home would be ready in nine months versus over a year doing a custom home, as well as saving us $3K.  Still, nine months is hardly "express") as well as get our pool and backyard area designed.  At the end of this process we would have the "notice to proceed" so that our loan could be approved and Pringle could start the permit process (and then the construction process).

This was going to be the last trip down to Florida before the move, and we needed to get it right.  If we came in over budget we had severe problems.

And, of course, we also knew that we would have to visit our favorite destination of all, DisneyWorld.  After all, it was the raison d'etre for our moving and we wouldn't see it again for nearly a year.

But getting our house constructed within our budget was the primary concern, and that was going to be difficult since so many of the prices and options were unknown.  But we needed to at least have something of a roadmap, so that was the first place we began, long before we flew down for our last time.

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