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  No Place Like Home
Retiring to Florida
The Big Picture
Selecting Legacy
Visiting Legacy
Design Studio
Red Carpet Center
The Pool
Lessons Learned
Our Finished Retirement Home
The Move: If I Only Had a Brain
The Yellow Brick Road
Fireworks, Booze and Porn, oh my!
The Emerald City
No Place Like Home
Leesburg Hospital

 Sunset0970.jpg (178338 bytes)

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

It didn't take long, but soon the cats, Annie and I were all happy and content with our surroundings.  All five cats became mellow and content like never before -- they had looked death in the face and laughed (well, meowed) at it and could now face anything, as long as it wasn't too big or made too much noise for them.

Unpacking was a chore, and along with the trip caused me to seek chiropractic help again... but now my back is better than ever and playing tennis three days a week (and swimming three times a day) seems to keep it that way. 

We're still in the process of making friends here, but it's also clear that Legacy was the right choice for us.  So many people have been so kind and helpful that I can't imagine living elsewhere.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- this was my last move until I move six feet under and then I won't be taking too much stuff with me (just a good suit).  If and when I have to go to a retirement home (the Real Kind, where porridge is served at least twice a day) I probably won't understand it anyway.  I've been blessed with a beautiful and loving wife who made it through with me on an incredible journey that ended with us well and truly home.  Home is a great place to be.  There's no place like it.


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