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The Cats Speak

Maine Coon Cats are really the only kind of cats to be, so we don't quite understand why all the fuss is being made over this page. We thought it should simply be called The Connection, but the people we own are doing all the typing for us and it's bad enough we have to sit still and dictate to them.

We've been Maine Coon cats for as long as we can remember, which is quite as long as recorded history, or at least any history worth speaking about. We run a fairly flexible household, allowing the people we own to do just about anything they want, as long as it involves feeding, petting, playing with or otherwise amusing us. They have to go to work, but that's only so they can earn enough money to keep us in the lifestyle we love so dearly.

Please write to us and we promise we'll write back (well, we'll dictate and let our humans do the work).  


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