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(comments by them)
bullet A Visit to Yesterland is all about Disneyland, in the good old days. It also contains links to all kinds of Disney sites. Our people love Disneyland (and, in Florida, Disney World) and we let them go there when they've been very good. One cat fact you may not know about this place: It's run by a very big mouse!
bullet The Dilbert Zone contains a new cartoon every day, available for downloading, as well as past archives and information. Dilbert is important because there is a character in the strip that is a very big mouse (well, rat actually).
Great Food Online is an absolutely wonderful mail order food outlet that contains food that even the people we own won't let us eat. However, we know it's good because we've smelled it and done our best to beg some. This is absolutely the only place on earth you can get Portlock Smoked Tuna, which is even better than their Smoked Samon. Expensive but our humans say worth every penny.
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