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bulletJean Hutter seems like a nice lady with a very pretty web site and lots of information on Maine Coons as well as some nice art work totally unrelated to cats (is that possible?). Well worth a look.
bullet Blazers Maine Coons is the second home, for half of us. Both Jasmine and Max come from there, so that's probably a good reason why the cat pictures you see there are among the prettiest ever (not as nice as ours, of course)
bullet Liscoonvarna Maine Coon Cats -- A real neat page that contains yellow pages for all kinds of pet products, so you can find almost anything for almost anything
bullet Verismo Maine Coons -- a breeder with lots of pretty babies in our colors (is anyone as beautiful as we are, though?) and plenty of information on our breed. 
bullet Maine Coons and Dachshunds - Erik den Ouden's homepage has some very beautiful pictures of Zoe and Lancelot -- but there are also some pictures of *dogs* there, so you are forewarned! But he sounds like a neat kind of guy, and he lives in the Netherlands so you can learn all about that as well.
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