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Zion National Park

Zion National Park

As we arrived in Rockville (a small town just outside the entrance to Zion) I snapped off another few shots of the Virgin River in a light rain. You might notice how muddy looking the Virgin River is – that’s normal. It sounds as if it should be pristine and clear, but in reality the Virgin River varies from muddy red to murky green, depending upon where you are (it was named after a man, not the mythical creatures).
We got up very early, in order to catch sunrise, and we were rewarded by relatively clear weather. 
I snapped off a few shots of the view from my friend’s front deck as the sun rose using my tripod and the 70-200 lens (and tele adaptor at times). Note how close that lens brought the mountain.
Various shots of Zion. For the complete photographic record, see the Two Old Codgers Guide to Zion.
We stopped at the most famous bridge in Zion, built by guy who ran out of government money and then used his own money until he went bankrupt. Truly a labor of love. I was rewarded by some shots of my fellow imagers, here using a view camera
As we left the park we stopped outside at a development (for rich folks) that offers a superb outlook of the park.
The Coral Pink Sand Dunes Park. I’ll give you a tip to save yourself some money – do not stop at the ranger station there.
They’ll charge you a few bucks to park, but the parking is just as good (if not better) at any one of a half-dozen places along the road there (there are pull outs designed for this, and the paths are well marked).
I just love the pink sand (coming from southern California, I miss the beach :>)

I loved the quiet, church like atmosphere of the Upper Emerald Pools. You can look up and see the cliffs that have been there for millions of years, with the water tracing thin lines down their sides.  

The setting rays of the sun provided a nice shot of the Great Arch and our exit out of the park (those mountain shots should be of Bridge Mountain and The Watchman).


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