Great Reno Balloon Race 2002
Disneyland '02
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo
Sea World (San Diego)
Fort Churchill (Civil War Reenactment)
Governor's Mansion
Great Reno Balloon Race 2001
Monterey Peninsula
Zion National Park
Ch22.jpg (40950 bytes)Ch23.jpg (45741 bytes)Ch24.jpg (33113 bytes)
At the civil war reenactment camp, even the dog was in character. Ch12.jpg (28290 bytes)Ch11.jpg (36629 bytes)Ch13.jpg (46118 bytes)
Costumes of every sort and rank. Ch34.jpg (16514 bytes)Ch21.jpg (33781 bytes)Ch18.jpg (19112 bytes)
Twice a year these clever and knowledgeable folks spend a few days bringing the past alive. Ch19.jpg (27832 bytes) Ch16.jpg (23406 bytes)Ch17.jpg (21842 bytes)
There are quite a variety of skills and occupations represented. Ch26.jpg (19756 bytes)Ch06.jpg (38938 bytes)Ch07.jpg (37859 bytes)
The "womenfolk" are also represented, from sewing to dispensing medicinal herbs.  Ch08.jpg (42699 bytes)Ch09.jpg (27468 bytes)Ch10.jpg (39737 bytes)
My wife got to see how sheep's yarn is made, starting from the beginning (well, after it's off the sheep). Ch03.jpg (30424 bytes)Ch04.jpg (23080 bytes)Ch02.jpg (28732 bytes)
All the colors of sheep and natural dyes make beautiful hand spun yarn. Ch01.jpg (29504 bytes)Ch05.jpg (46450 bytes)
Young and old, man, woman and child, everyone looked wonderful. Ch14.jpg (52162 bytes)Ch15.jpg (42083 bytes)Ch20.jpg (37970 bytes)
It wouldn't be a war without armament. Ch27.jpg (37140 bytes)Ch28.jpg (33841 bytes)Ch29.jpg (25758 bytes)
Ch30.jpg (36791 bytes)Ch31.jpg (35936 bytes)Ch32.jpg (40787 bytes)
Ch33.jpg (35416 bytes)
And it wouldn't be the Civil War without old-tyme vignettes. ChV01.jpg (25639 bytes)ChV02.jpg (23496 bytes)ChV03.jpg (32591 bytes)
CHV05.jpg (23524 bytes)ChV04.jpg (15900 bytes)ChV06.jpg (22045 bytes)
Lessons Learned: This was great fun and something I'll do again (they have a fall reenactment at Bower's Mansion -- hopefully I'll be able to attend).

If I had known how well the vignettes would work out (and I don't know if the above JPGs convey just how well they look printed out -- the grain and sepia come out really nice) I would have done more.  You need a certain shot for it to approach authenticity: with slow film and small apertures everyone had to stand pretty stock still in those days, and anything looking "candid" just doesn't translate).  I also should have used more fill-flash in my candids, as the sun that day was brutal (very authentic for the vignettes, however).


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