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Zoo038.jpg (109067 bytes)Zoo039.jpg (112912 bytes)Zoo040.jpg (102138 bytes)
Shooting birds in the aviaries is a bit like shooting ducks in  a pond.  We spent only about 30 minutes and got these. Zoo001.jpg (52969 bytes)Zoo003.jpg (45562 bytes)Zoo004.jpg (42828 bytes)
Zoo008.jpg (36234 bytes)Zoo015.jpg (32755 bytes)Zoo018.jpg (17223 bytes)
Zoo020.jpg (45473 bytes)Zoo021.jpg (47881 bytes)Zoo022.jpg (58960 bytes)
The last two images are those of the bald eagle and her chick (whom she was very protective).  Light was terrible (near sunset) but I had to include them because the chick was apparently a very rare occurrence. Zoo027.jpg (32822 bytes)Zoo031.jpg (43314 bytes)Zoo030.jpg (43071 bytes)
Zoo035.jpg (59434 bytes)Zoo041.jpg (50936 bytes)Zoo049.jpg (57764 bytes)
Does it seem to you I like goofy expressions on my hoofed friends? Zoo052.jpg (39077 bytes)Zoo054.jpg (38014 bytes)Zoo055.jpg (36919 bytes)
The polar bears were behind fairly dirty glass, so this was the best I could do. Zoo061.jpg (52729 bytes)Zoo062.jpg (31605 bytes)Zoo064.jpg (52595 bytes)
Zoo065.jpg (39484 bytes)Zoo068.jpg (48121 bytes)Zoo073.jpg (50206 bytes)
Zoo077.jpg (35723 bytes)Zoo082.jpg (34812 bytes)Zoo286.jpg (41520 bytes)
I had to include these, even with the wire in between, because this baby zebra was only six days old and very adorable.  His mom looked on protectively. Zoo088.jpg (121786 bytes)Zoo094.jpg (63393 bytes)Zoo098.jpg (60336 bytes)
Some more goofy looking hoofed beasts. Zoo102.jpg (45506 bytes)Zoo104.jpg (44090 bytes)
A couple images of the baby giraffe taking his meal.  Contrast these with the giraffe images from the Wild Animal Park. Zoo112.jpg (95090 bytes)Zoo115.jpg (38169 bytes)Zoo117.jpg (43395 bytes)
This buck really loved his fawn -- apparently she was part of his harem and he was just happy about it.  Come to think of it, so would I be. Zoo131.jpg (44246 bytes)Zoo135.jpg (46415 bytes)Zoo137.jpg (44010 bytes)
Taken through glass using available light, I still think these came out pretty good. Zoo201.jpg (61881 bytes)Zoo207.jpg (54447 bytes)Zoo211.jpg (48722 bytes)
The D30 does a good job with the subtle color variations in this magnificent bird. Zoo219.jpg (144638 bytes)Zoo223.jpg (111149 bytes)Zoo231.jpg (53361 bytes)
Shot mostly with my 100mm macro (effective 160mm on the D30) and the lens pressed tight to the glass. Zoo232.jpg (46252 bytes)Zoo234.jpg (54525 bytes)Zoo235.jpg (31662 bytes)
Zoo236.jpg (36024 bytes)Zoo239.jpg (29511 bytes)Zoo240.jpg (41882 bytes)
The somewhat mediocre image on the far right is of the world's deadliest snake, the Taiwan.

There is controversy about what constitutes "deadly" -- is it the amount of people killed, the toxicity of the venom, the aggressiveness of the snake or a combination of factors?  But this snake is both extremely aggressive, very toxic, and when it strikes it bites multiple times (with venom in each bite).  According to the zoo information, no one without treatment would survive an attack.

It was very active within the enclosure, moving with a speed that none of the other snakes exhibited.  It gave me the creeps.

Zoo246.jpg (36702 bytes)Zoo247.jpg (50026 bytes)Zoo251.jpg (19429 bytes)
Zoo253.jpg (37862 bytes)Zoo259.jpg (45179 bytes)Zoo260.jpg (52287 bytes)
Flamingoes are always fun to photograph, with their bright colors and long necks. Zoo685.jpg (24857 bytes)Zoo691.jpg (33610 bytes)Zoo693.jpg (26152 bytes)
Zoo694.jpg (80632 bytes)Zoo701.jpg (35335 bytes)Zoo708.jpg (52429 bytes)
Zoo716.jpg (46340 bytes)Zoo717.jpg (86468 bytes)Zoo719.jpg (38708 bytes)
Zoo760.jpg (38536 bytes)Zoo761.jpg (45166 bytes)Zoo770.jpg (42463 bytes)
Hue Mea, the only surviving giant panda cub to be born in the United States, just a few months away from her second birthday.

It was difficult to get good images due to the shuffling of people in and out of the viewing area.  I had about five minutes to snap what I could, where she happened to be at the time (which wasn't a very good position).

Zoo786.jpg (65713 bytes)Zoo795.jpg (44942 bytes)Zoo800.jpg (71211 bytes)
This is Shi Shi, the male panda. Zoo807.jpg (39159 bytes)
I had to include this image of the meercat because one of our own cats is named Timon, after the meercat in The Lion King.

I'm not sure what the other deer like creatures are, but they posed beautifully.

Zoo744.jpg (56593 bytes)Zoo752.jpg (62999 bytes)Zoo756.jpg (45430 bytes)
These birds were all photographed through their wire enclosures.  If you get close enough to the wire, it will disappear (assuming your depth of field isn't too great, so don't stop down). Zoo267.jpg (43679 bytes)Zoo288.jpg (26526 bytes)Zoo819.jpg (62157 bytes)
Lessons Learned: I shot more images in one day than I had ever done before -- over 2000 images.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at our car downloading into the computer and clearing off our microdrives.  What you see here is only a very small representation of the images I got (with a good many more keepers).

It may be obvious but it's worth iterating: you want the longest lens you can afford and handle.  I shot nearly all of these images with my 70-200 (effective 112-320mm on the D30) and various combinations of my 1.4x and 2x TCs.  As you can see here it wasn't too close -- many times I could have used more.

If I made a living doing zoo stuff (or even lived close to a zoo) I'd seriously consider getting the 100-400mm Canon IS.  While it wouldn't offer any more range than my lens plus TCs, it would be a lot more convenient. 

I also found you can shoot through glass and wire cages pretty effectively.  The worst thing was a wire fence too far away to get close to, like with the zebra images.  Unfortunately, there were a few enclosures like that and most of the time I didn't even bother to take the shot.

The San Diego Zoo is a world class facility, and if you're planning on doing it right you need more than one day.  I'd have loved to have gone back one more time (but then I would have missed the other things we saw).


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