Great Reno Balloon Race 2002
Disneyland '02
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo
Sea World (San Diego)
Fort Churchill (Civil War Reenactment)
Governor's Mansion
Great Reno Balloon Race 2001
Monterey Peninsula
Zion National Park
Dawn patrol.  A really special part of the race. Balloon0240.jpg (95463 bytes)Balloon0242.jpg (76298 bytes)Balloon0245.jpg (51775 bytes)
There are only a few balloon pilots certified to fly dawn patrol.  BalloonCRW_0052.jpg (61700 bytes)BalloonCRW_0035.jpg (73498 bytes)BalloonCRW_0042.jpg (75548 bytes)
Balloon0246.jpg (46535 bytes)Balloon0248.jpg (50619 bytes)
After dawn patrol the regular racers start the inflation of their balloons. Balloon0262.jpg (88526 bytes)Balloon0281.jpg (102845 bytes)Balloon0259.jpg (97588 bytes)
Balloon0267.jpg (101039 bytes)Balloon0264.jpg (64413 bytes)Balloon0284.jpg (141796 bytes)
Dozens of balloons are inflated and slowly rise into the morning sky. Balloon0286.jpg (106091 bytes)Balloon0288.jpg (92566 bytes)Balloon0289.jpg (84012 bytes)
Balloon0292.jpg (83991 bytes)Balloon0268.jpg (80488 bytes)Balloon0261.jpg (91988 bytes)
Balloon0295.jpg (52385 bytes)Balloon0318.jpg (65422 bytes)Balloon0311.jpg (64037 bytes)
Balloon0283.jpg (96296 bytes)Balloon0270.jpg (45919 bytes)Balloon0241.jpg (67747 bytes)
Balloon0277.jpg (50675 bytes)Balloon0279.jpg (93914 bytes)Balloon0325.jpg (77481 bytes)
The cow balloon was a crowd favorite. Balloon0302.jpg (80472 bytes)Balloon0304.jpg (36108 bytes)Balloon0309.jpg (36681 bytes)
I've seen a horsefly, but I've never seen a cow fly. Balloon0250.jpg (32949 bytes)Balloon0253.jpg (55480 bytes)Balloon0254.jpg (35174 bytes)
Unfortunately, it came down on a barb wire fence.  It was an udder disaster. Balloon0255.jpg (78606 bytes)Balloon0249.jpg (50000 bytes)Balloon0252.jpg (37750 bytes)
Balloon0256.jpg (91938 bytes)Balloon0258.jpg (43117 bytes)Balloon0266.jpg (42865 bytes)
The fish balloon was my personal favorite this year. Balloon0271.jpg (49771 bytes)Balloon0274.jpg (65478 bytes)BalloonCRW_0313.jpg (80282 bytes)
Balloon0275.jpg (68829 bytes)Balloon0280.jpg (39535 bytes)Balloon0285.jpg (30131 bytes)
Balloons over the mountains always make a nice shot.  The eagle has special significance nowadays. Balloon0287.jpg (45708 bytes)Balloon0290.jpg (44037 bytes)BalloonCRW_8973.jpg (55693 bytes)
Balloon0293.jpg (44442 bytes)Balloon0294.jpg (34661 bytes)Balloon0296.jpg (38630 bytes)
Balloon0298.jpg (36864 bytes)Balloon0300.jpg (33447 bytes)Balloon0299.jpg (47355 bytes)
Balloon0307.jpg (47709 bytes)Balloon0310.jpg (44245 bytes)Balloon0319.jpg (45500 bytes)
Balloon0320.jpg (69280 bytes)Balloon0321.jpg (56817 bytes)Balloon0323.jpg (50111 bytes)
Balloon0324.jpg (108408 bytes)BalloonCRW_0287.jpg (99129 bytes)BalloonCRW_9094.jpg (44754 bytes)
BalloonCRW_9124.jpg (46609 bytes)BalloonCRW_9332.jpg (88117 bytes)BalloonCRW_9441.jpg (49907 bytes)
The T-Rex was tethered for children to ride. BalloonCRW_9497.jpg (67975 bytes)BalloonCRW_9612.jpg (97063 bytes)BalloonCRW_9869.jpg (48634 bytes)
Lessons Learned: This was my second balloon race (the 20th anniversary of the Reno Balloon Races) and I went two days again.  While I love balloon pictures, there's no question the lack of clouds in the sky hurts the images.  With no frame of reference it's hard to say exactly where the balloons are.  You are at the mercy of the weather, however, and so I'll try again next year.

My favorite shots were inside the balloons themselves -- next year I'll do more of this.  The participants are extremely friendly and invite questions (and photographs).  You meet the nicest people in a balloon!


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