Great Reno Balloon Race 2002
Disneyland '02
San Diego Wild Animal Park
San Diego Zoo
Sea World (San Diego)
Fort Churchill (Civil War Reenactment)
Governor's Mansion
Great Reno Balloon Race 2001
Monterey Peninsula
Zion National Park

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This one penguin was molting and couldn't go in the water to eat.  She looked very forlorn.
The otters were tough to shoot, behind what seemed to be a foot thick piece of armored glass.  Oh well, you expect to shoot through glass at an aquarium.
The deep bay Jellyfish exhibit was a highlight of the trip.  Lit in such a way that almost any image came out just great, these creatures were a lot of fun to watch.

Point Lobos

The most beautiful jewel in any state park system, Point Lobos should be a must see stop on anyone's visit to the Peninsula area.

Whaler's Cove

A popular area for divers, this spot boasts some great hikes and gorgeous views.

Seal Lion Rocks/Devil's Cauldron

Churning ocean, crashing waves, pelicans overhead and sea lions and otters on the rocks.  No nature lover could want more.
Pelicans, flying in and out of formation, and on his own.

Carmel River State Beach

A nice little state beach that sits just above Point Lobos.

Fisherman's Wharf

Yep, every sea town's got one.  Here we see an unremarkable shot of a harbor seal thrown in only because I was three hundred feet away and using my long lens plus tele.
These are the standard touristy sort of shots but I like them, particularly the reflections (which are always a nice way of including depth in your images).

Seventeen Mile Drive

Nice to do once, but I think I'll skip it next time (although I loved the sea lions on the rock -- most tourists couldn't get nearly as close as my near 500mm equivalent lens allowed me to get.

I do like the sea chipmunk, though.

The obligatory shot of the Lone Cyprus (corporate symbol of Pebble beach, now protected by guide wires lest the company suffer a stock reversal).  You actually have to shoot a shot of this tree -- they won't let you leave without doing so.  I didn't add anything remarkable to the 1000s already taken.
One of my favorite shots of the trip.  Yep, relationships are dangerous -- perhaps we should all heed the warning signs.


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