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Biff Rose
12 Weeks
Consider the Source

Reality of Temptation

The new wave of "reality" shows has hit, and some of them seem promising.  Although I haven't seen it yet, Temptation Island sounds like a great idea: you put happy couples on an island with lots of unmarried folks whose job it is to tempt them into misdeeds like lying and adultery.

The problem with this is that it's so far removed from my world that I just can't get into it.  Even if I did find myself on some sort of fantastic island with beautiful women on it, they wouldn't look twice at me (unless they needed someone to carry their bags).  No, if this trend is to succeed we need shows that represent more of my world.  So, offered for free to any Fox executives who may be reading, here are some sure-fire reality shows for this coming summer:

The Postal Zone
Workers are placed in the most dismal working conditions ever -- small cubicles, demanding bosses, low pay and mind numbing jobs.  They are passed over for promotion and subjected to hours upon hours of time-wasting meetings.  They are constantly reminded of how worthless they are.

But -- and this is the catch -- the break room is stocked with Uzis, Browning shotguns, grenade launchers and lots of very sharp knives.  How long can they resist?

Fantasy Health Club
A dozen middle-aged individuals, struggling to stay in shape, are stranded at their favorite health club by the worst snowstorm to hit the area in years.  The fun comes when a large vendor machine refilling truck slides out of control in the street in front and crashes into the entrance.

Who will be the first to jump, headfirst, into the mound of twinkies and ho-hos?

Potato Alley
Ten men come home after a hard day at work and are fed a good meal and sat down in very comfortable recliners.  In front of each man is a T.V. set, tuned to the latest Fox offerings.

How long will it be until the first falls deep asleep?









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