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Biff Rose
12 Weeks
Consider the Source

12 Weeks to a Different Body

Week 1, Day 1: 

Men's Magazine has article on how to improve body in 12 weeks.  Ah, just the ticket.  I'll get in shape for summer and finally lose that weight.  Good New Year resolution.

Week 1, Day 2: 

The article is very interesting.  It has a number of different options I need to consider.  Just exactly what body type am I?  And what type do I want to be?  I don't know if I need to look like Arnold, but I'm not exactly happy with looking like Benny Hill.  There must be a happy medium.

Week 1, Day 3: 

It looks as though I'll need to buy some different food.  No where on the diet plans are there any calls for shoestring potatoes, or ho-hos, which is apparently all we have in our cupboards right now.  I hadn't realized up until now that there was a diet component involved.  I don't mind exercising -- but if I do all this exercise why do I have to watch what I eat?  I'll get to the store tomorrow and buy some of the stuff they recommend.

Week 1, Day 5: 

I didn't get to the store until today, and then I was so tired from shopping I just came home and watched some TV.  I'll get started tomorrow.

Week 2, Day 1: 

No sense trying to start something at the end of the week.  Now it's a clean slate, I have all the food I need for the diet (although there seems to be an alarming lack of protein in the recommended food substances) and I'm raring to go.  Luckily I still have all those weights from when I was in shape during my college days.  I'll drag them out of the garage and get cracking!

Week 3, Day 1: 

I'm just about able to walk without too much pain now.  Getting those weights in the house nearly killed me.  I won't be able to start the exercise program just yet, but I'll start on the diet stuff now that I'm not feeling so sorry for myself that all I could do was lay around and eat ho-hos and shoestring potatoes.

Week 4, Day 3: 

I had so little energy from all that salad stuff it was all I could do to make it through the day.  I've decided I'll need to eat a little more carbs than they recommend if I'm to keep up on the exercise regime -- shoestring potatoes and ho-hos seem like just the trick.  But that's okay -- they were probably talking about someone who didn't have quite the same metabolism as I have.

Week 5, Day 1: 

Today I start the exercises.  They seem pretty easy.  Too easy for me, I can take a lot more.  I realize this article was written for people not used to lifting weights, like I did back in college.  I do a lot more without much effort.

Week 7, Day 2: 

I'm just about able to move without too much pain now.  Obviously I overdid it slightly when I was lifting those weights.  My college days, after all, were a few decades ago.  It's clear that I need to take it easy.  In the meantime, we're all out of ho-hos and shoestring potatoes, so I'll need to go to the store.

Week 9, Day 3: 

I'm thinking now that I really only need to lift weights about once a week.  The article was probably written for someone who doesn't have to work all day at a desk like I do.  That can really wear you out, and about the only time I have the energy to do this stuff is on the weekend. 

Week 10, Day 6: 

I'm reading the article again, and I'm not sure it was meant for me at all.  They keep talking about things like "renewed vitality" and "dedicated commitment" and none of these things make any sense.  

Week 12, Day 7: 

After twelve weeks my goal has been reached.  I have a completely different body -- apparently I've put on a great deal of muscle, so much that my shirts no longer fit me.  My pants don't either, so I guess my legs have gotten much larger with all those trips to the store for shoestring potatoes and ho-hos.  The only problem I have now is that going to the store wears me out so much that I need to rest on the couch the rest of the day and watch TV.  But I do think it was worth it (note to self: cancel subscription to Men's Magazine).









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