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Lighting to Go

If you were never going to move this stuff anywhere you'd probably be better off buying studio lights.  The cost will be approximately the same and they will flash longer and cheaper.

But having a wireless system like the EOS one is terrific because you can eat your cake and have it, too.  You can setup a very nice studio system that you can then pack up and take nearly anywhere, even outside (although with any kind of wind outside you'll probably need heavier stands, with the capability of putting sandbags or other weights on them.  Even then, umbrellas outside aren't much fun when the weather is bad).

lightcase1.jpg (39425 bytes)

I'd recommend getting a nice bag to carry all this stuff -- I use a Domke F-400 original sling bag ($48) which is long enough to carry the Smith-Victor stands, and small enoughlightcase2.jpg (54869 bytes) for even an old guy like me to handle.  My three stands, four umbrellas and three mounts all fit easily inside.  The bag is nicely constructed, with heavy duty zippers and accessory pockets.

lightcase3.jpg (27237 bytes)

I put my three flashes in a small padded camera bag I had laying around (I didn't want to put them in the Domke although they would have fit), so it's just the two bags that carry my entire lighting studio.  The only other thing you need is batteries -- lots and lots if you're going on a remote shoot (the ni-cad rechargables will be much cheaper in the long run, but be aware that normal alkaline batteries will give you about three times as many flashes.  Either carry a lot of ni-cads or be prepared to go through a lot of alkalines.  TANSTAAFL).

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